October 5, 2016

Big Bear Oktoberfest

Only A Few Weekends Left for Oktoberfest!

In its 46th year, Big Bear Oktoberfest is in full swing with weekend activities for everyone.

Running Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through the end of the month at the Big Bear Convention Center on the corner of Big Bear Blvd and Division Dr, participants can enjoy a lively atmosphere of good authentic German food, dancing, and the customary beers. Craft booths and local businesses line the sides of the fair while the large hall inside seats hundreds of revelers and happy-go-lucky guests.

For a more family oriented experience, it is recommended that you enjoy Oktoberfest during the day either on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The programming is more focused on the kids and the party crowd will still be at their cabins getting ready for the night festivities.

Big Bear truly is a year round resort town, so pay a visit and enjoy a bit of the crisp fall weather before our fabulous ski and snowboard season is here!