October 29, 2015

Book a Vacation Rental With Confidence

Book A Vacation Rental Home With Confidence
1. Determine your needs for a vacation home, including occupancy dates, desired location, space requirements and costs.
2. Investigate and contact individual property listings on trusted sites, contact property management companies, chamber of commerce or tourist board in your desired location.
3. Find out the owner or management company's policies about smoking, pets, security deposits, refunds, cancellations, damages, number of allowed guests, as well as arrival and departure times. These can all vary widely from company to company.
4. Read reviews for the property. Keep in mind that many people way over exaggerate when they don't like something. Take reviews with a grain of salt, unless there are a bunch of bad reviews. That is something to definitely think about before booking.
5. Search Google for potential complaints filed on the vacation rental you desire (Ex. Search the phone number or name of the property + ‘vacation rental complaints’).
6. Ask for a written rental agreement to protect your interests.
7. Reserve the vacation home by submitting a deposit and requesting confirmation for your reservation.
8. Submit payment via credit card when possible so that you have recourse if a dispute arises.
9. Most important of all: Have a great time on your vacation! Don't stress the little things that aren't perfect with the house.