September 21, 2016

Groceries on Vacation in Big Bear

One of the obvious reasons why an individual or group would want to book a cabin for their vacation over reserving a room at a hotel or resort is that a cabin can feel more like home; allowing for greater relaxation and other domestic joyful moments.

Whether it is laughing over an inside joke told over the pool table of a game room, the roar of the crowd when your team pulls ahead on a big screen TV, or seeing your first shooting star from the warmth of a hot tub, moments like these are available year round in Big Bear.

One area in each cabin that is a hub for all of the activities that coincide with a visit to this city is the kitchen; where meals can be prepared, delivered, served, devoured and so on. In addition to the plethora of restaurants that the mountain has to offer from local donut shops to elegant cuisine, guests are invited to hone their own culinary skills in the cabins they have reserved.

Packing an extra suitcase of just food is unnecessary in most cases. Big Bear offers two major supermarkets within minutes of either end of the valley. Off Big Bear Blvd and Fox Farm Rd, there is a Vons in the Interlaken Shopping Center and directly across the street is a Stater Bros. Both are used frequently by both visitors and townspeople alike and can see some large crowds especially on the busy holiday weekends.

And scattered amongst the community are smaller “Ma and Pa” stores to help you to conveniently gather snacks and drinks without the crowds of the larger stores.

So feel free to make those rental cabins your home away from home. Return to them year after year, or rotate and stay in all of them until you find your favorite!