June 17, 2015

Why Stay in a Vacation Rental

Every city you ever want to go to has hotel rooms for rent. So, why rent a vacation home instead?

Vacation rentals are so much more than a hotel room, and very often they are cheaper. How can they possibly be cheaper when a hotel room costs $100 a night and a vacation rental in Big Bear costs $200 or $300 per night + cleaning? Well, with a hotel room, all you get is a room and bathroom. You might get a tiny fridge or even a little kitchenette, but that's about all. You can get 2 adults and a couple of kids in it.

With a vacation rental home, you get an entire house. It may have 3 or 4 bedrooms, or even more. It has a full kitchen, living room, 2 or 3 bathrooms, etc. With this option, you can have several families stay and split the cost. Even if the numbers don't come out cheaper than individual hotel rooms, you are getting an entire house. Everyone in your group can hang out together and that makes for way more fun than everyone just having a hotel room.

If you haven't tried staying in a Big Bear Cabin, give it a try next time you come up. You will be hooked!

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