Rental Agreement

The person agreeing to this contract must be over 25 years old and is the sole responsible person regarding the behavior of his/her guests in the home.

CHECK-IN TIME IS BETWEEN 4 P.M. AND 8 P.M. If you cannot arrive between these hours, please make arrangements at least 3 days in advance. There may be an early or late check-in fee. Check-in may not be available until 6 p.m. during the busy season. We will inform you in advance.
CHECK-OUT IS AT 10 A.M. There is a $50 per hour late check-out fee. So please be sure to check-out on time.

By accepting this reservation, you agree that we can charge your credit card/security deposit for any of the following:
Damaged/missing linens and towels.
If heater is not left at 55 degrees and pipes freeze as a result, all repair costs will be charged to you.
If you smoke in the cabin, you will be charged $500 for cleaning fees.
If you bring pets without our written permission, there will be a $350 fee per pet.
If you do not remove all trash, you will be charged $25 per bag. This is required by City Ordinance and is the rule for all vacation rentals in Big Bear.
Any damages found or excessive cleaning needed.
If you are evicted for violations, by the Owner, Manager or Local Law Enforcement, you forfeit all money paid and your security deposit.

Please remember that these are people's homes. Please be respectful and leave the house in the same condition that you found it. Normal use, such as toilets, showers and floors, will be cleaned by Manager. But if the cabin is left very messy, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee of $25 per hour. Please wipe all surfaces clean, pick up all trash, wash all dishes. This is not a complete list. We just ask that it is left in good condition.

Only BBQs are allowed to have open fires. No other fires are allowed at all, per City Ordinance. This means no fire pits, no campfires, etc. DO NOT remove fireplace ashes or BBQ coals/ashes. We will do that for you.

Cancellations that are made 30-60 days prior to the arrival date will be given a refund of 50% of the total amount paid.
Cancellations that are made more than 60 days prior to the arrival date will be given a full refund, less a $100 cancellation fee.
Cancellations that are made within 30 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full payment.
An early departure does not warrant any refund of the rental fees.
We reserve the right to cancel any reservation. No shows will not be refunded.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY- The maximum number of guests is regulated by city ordinance and your contract. You will be evicted if more guests than agreed to on your contract are found to be at the house, with no refund.

PARKING – Limited to one vehicle per bedroom. Vehicles are to be parked in driveway/garage only, at all times. Some driveways are steep and we are not responsible for your vehicle slipping on ice or other debris and being damaged.

STORM POLICY/ROAD CONDITIONS – We do not refund due to weather or road conditions or other acts of nature. We will make every effort to remove snow before guests arrive, but due to road conditions and timing of storms we cannot guarantee a specific time that it will be done. Customer understands and agrees that Manager, homeowner, and snowplow company are not responsible for damage to hidden objects, such as vehicles. Because Big Bear sometimes experiences huge storms: decks, BBQs and hot tubs may become unusable.
Due to freezing weather, sometimes the water pipes in the house will freeze. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. Please call our office for information on what to do when this happens.
Be sure to have chains for your vehicle during the winter. We are not responsible for plowing city roads, and it is your responsibility to get to the rental house, regardless of weather conditions.

Construction of new attractions and accommodations often occurs in areas of high tourism. Guests will not be moved or receive rate adjustments or rebates for inconvenience due to construction, road repair. etc.

No outdoor activity at the cabin is allowed after 10pm.
No parties are allowed on the premises. City Ordinance requires quiet between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. If we are notified of a party or noise that can be heard from outside the house, you may be evicted without refund and charged additional cleaning fees. You may also be fined by the City of Big Bear or the Sheriff's Dept.

If this cabin has a hot tub, it must remain in good operating condition, without damage and the water is to remain clean and free of debris. If the water is contaminated such that a drain and refill is required, a minimum of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) will be charged to your security deposit or credit card. Due to a lot of use of the hot tub, and the time it requires for it to be cleaned, heated up and ready to use again, it may not be available for use your first night.

When using the hot tub, remember there is a certain health risk associated. Use at your own risk. Children are not allowed to use the hot tub unattended by a responsible adult. When not in use, secure and lock cover to restrict child access. If the hot tub cover is left off, there will be a $50 fee to cover the cost of the extra heating required.

Do not sit or stand on the hot tub cover. It will break and you will be charged a $500 replacement fee.

If this cabin has a pool table, do not move it at all. If you do, there will be a $1000 charge to move it back and re-level it. If any part of the pool table breaks due to you moving it, you will be charged $1000 + repair costs. You will be charged for any damage to the felt or other parts of the table.

These are not to be tampered with. If the systems no longer function properly due to cables being disconnected or program settings having been changed, then there will be a charge of $100 per hour for the reprogramming of such equipment.

Homes and land near this cabin are owned by other mountain residents. You are not allowed to go onto neighboring properties or their boat docks for any reason. Do not park in vacant lots and in front of other homes. You will be held responsible for any damage or other issues regarding trespassing on other people's property.

If you lose the house key or lock it inside the cabin, there will be a $25 charge to bring you another key and/or open the house up.

If the cabin you rent becomes unavailable, due to sale of the home, booking conflicts, or other reasons, we will move your group to another house of equal or greater accommodations of our choosing. No refunds.

No refund will be made due to mechanical failures, power outages or malfunctions with TVs, hot tubs or other equipment, or for the sighting of insects or other animals.

Spider webs and dust happen in the mountains and show up quickly, even when we have cleaned the house the day before. No refunds.

Due to lots of guests, carpets get stained fast, even though we clean them frequently. No refunds.

Keep in mind that your cell service may not work very well in some areas in Big Bear.

Check all rooms carefully. We are not responsible for left behind items.

Any illegal activity is grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all money paid.

It is your responsibility to notify us, within 4 hours of your arrival, of any defects or damages that may otherwise result in a credit card charge or deduction from your security deposit. All notifications must be in writing by email.

Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of all advance payments, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.

This cabin is privately owned. The owner and the rental company are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occur while on the premises.
Renter agrees to hold Manager and the homeowners harmless from all claims, whether damage or injury suffered by any person, and Manager shall not be responsible for independent contractors’ acts, omissions, defaults, negligence and/or costs of same. In the case that renters cause damage and it exceeds the security deposit amount or the amount available on the renter’s credit card, or the repair is declined by renter's insurance, renter agrees to pay all damage costs directly.

Traveler's personal property and vehicles are not insured by the Owner of Manager against loss or damage due to weather, icy conditions, slippage, fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts of others, or any other cause.

Renter and Manager agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them, in Big Bear or Victorville, CA. If not resolved, each agree to binding arbitration before an arbitrator in Big Bear or Barstow, CA. In the event of non-payment of fees or excessive damage to the premises, Dream Cabins and/or the homeowner may file a legal claim for all money due and the security deposit will be forfeited.

This agreement and all attachments constitute the entire agreement and changes will not be considered unless authorized in writing by Manager.